Imran Khan’s PTI makes history in elections 2018


And here it is, finally! One of the most shocking upsets in the political history of Pakistan. According to unofficial reports, PTI wins majority seats in national assembly as well as in KPK. Choty Mian is mad at election commission due to conduction of “rigged” elections, and insafians… Well, you very well know, what they are feeling can’t be explained in words. Can’t say how excited I am very excited that I witnessed it all with my own eyes and I somehow am a part of it. The Imran Khan has at last proved that with determination and consistent efforts you can bring the world to knees.

The real life glimpse of the Alchemist’s punch line – “If you truly endeavor to achieve something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.” Well, according to Mian Sahib, in Imran Khan’s case, even aliens are keen to pitch in. How could he lose with that kind of power? Jokes apart, it is a naked truth that from day one, since is step-in in politics back in 1990’s, Khan Sahib has really worked his tail off. Targeting his personal married life, false accusations of misusing Shaukat Khanum donations, rubbing his western lifestyle on his face, calling him a Jewish agent using his first wife Jemima’s Jewish heritage, even framing Jemima in a false case of smuggling – opponents hardly gave him a chance to stand. Khan had to end his marriage in 2004, even give up his children, for the sake of his political career. Despite all these immoral and inhumane personal attacks, it’s astounding how firmly he stood his ground. Not a very long time, it was unthinkable to a vast majority that Imran Khan will get to be the prime minister in this lifetime. But now, the million dollar question is how good a Prime Minister Khan will make. Would he be able to deliver the changes he has promised? Was the 10 million jobs promise a publicity stunt?

Of course Imran Khan has won, but the dream only came true with the help of conventional electables; and highly educated and elegant candidates like Dr. Yasmeen Rashid have again been rejected by our illiterate people. If we walk through the election results logically, PTI has clean swept in KPK again, which indicates good governance. And if Imran Khan sets his priorities, like, judicial system, education police, corruption, energy crisis and economy, it will definitely take us to ‘Naya Pakistan’. But there is another side of the picture. A lot people claim that establishment stands behind Imran Khan and once Imran Khan get to win, he will be just a puppet. No wonder if it is true, instead, it will be just history repeating itself. This is public routine in Pakistan’s political history.

Either army completely takes over by implementing martial law or it stand behind favorite political leaders for personal gains. Roadad Khan, one of the most senior civil officers says in his interview: “Sometimes armed forces are running the country by themselves completely. Other times they go back to passenger seat, but control of the country is still completely in their hands. Center of gravity has changed from parliament to GHQ.” If this tradition doesn’t break, no Imran Khan can make a difference to bring a positive change in this country. We only hope whatever happens next proves to be in best interests of Pakistan. We will only say, “Congratulations, Imran Khan! And good luck, Mr. Prime Minister to Be!”


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