Nation Level Rampage against Khan appointing a Qadiani in economic council


Some concerned Pakistani are raising their voices against Prime Minister Imran Khan appointing Dr. Atif Mian (perhaps a qadiani) one of the members of Economic consulting Council. I would like to take this into perspective by taking all the sides of the picture into account. But before that, I just wanna be on the safe side, in case there are any incoming doubtful announcements over my faith and views about Islam. I hereby witness by my heart and soul, I am a true Muslim and Pakistani. And if ever needed, I will die for in the name of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and our homeland, Pakistan.

Now, to the chase! Why should Atif Mian be a member of an Economic Council? Here’s why!

  • A graduate from MIT in mathematics and Computer Science
  • Got doctorate in Economics from MIT in 2001.
  • Former Faculty member at University of Chicago & University of California
  • Atif holds rank 16 in IMF’s list of 25 Brightest Young Economists.
  • And he is first Pakistani ever to show up in IMF’s ranking.
  • Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University.

Yes! Read it again if didn’t get me first time. He is a PROFESSOR at PRINCETON, which means he TEACHES at 7th best educational institute in the WORLD. This is what we should all be proud of. We should use our matchless assets instead of pointing fingers.

And our people got only one reason for not benefiting from such a talent that ‘He is a ‘Qadiani’’. Where founder of Pakistan stressed at this thing many times that a person’s religion is his personal matter and NOT business of the state.

You may belong to any religion or cast or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the state.

For Pakistan, in Pakistan every Pakistani has a right to contribute to build our nation. I know, and I accept, we cannot compromise on Namoos-e-Risalat. It is a matter of life and death. But as a minority, every non-muslim Pakistani has a right to take what state offers to each citizen, and offer what each Pakistani can offer for the sake of Pakistan. We should really open our eyes now. I read a report a few years back which said:

If America jams where it is now and stops advancing in every field, it will take Pakistan 125 years to reach American standards.

It’s not hidden truth where we were a few years back and where we are now.  Well, given the circumstances, we have only two options:

  1. Make our state pure Islamic by packing all the no-islamic ‘trash’ and deport it far far away. Lock down our state and open only for real and true muslim. But there’s another problem yet. We haven’t figured yet who true muslims are – sunni’s or shia’s or wahabi’s or dioband’s or… that could take a while. Let’s move on to the easy option!
  2. Or we could all think like Pakistanis and rebuild our nation on new principles. Does this make us a better nation if we reject a bright Pakistani just because he is not a Muslim? ‘Extremism’ and ‘Islamism’ have already become synonyms in dictionaries. Please think about it. Enough wars, let’s give peace a chance once!
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