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It’s buzz-time, everybody! Welcome to Buzz o’clock – the news cocktail of internet. From Lollywood to Bollywood, from local fixtures to international current affairs, from on surface hottest topics to facts about emerging celebrities, from information tech to sports coverage and from everyday science tips to easy life-hacks, you name it and you will be served anything you are craving straight out of newsroom.

Buzz o’clock follows every story from its dawn crack till its definite dusk taking each side of the picture neutrally into account. So, to get instant and deep-rooted news & updates from the most credible and totally unbiased resources, bookmark your new favorite news site right now and stay up-to-date about what the world is upto. Either a press release issue of national importance was just aired or a turning point in global politics has arrived, another break through in tech world is near or a new smartphone is out soon, another soccer player tranferring to a new club or a new tennis open is on. Who will be starring the new Speilberg movie? Which next blockbuster Salman Khan is going to sign? Who is costarring srk in new romantic comedy? What is Bollywood coming up with this time? Which brand, what color, fabric and stuff is in this season?

No matter what is going on in the world anytime, it is always on the radar of buzzoclock. Stay tuned and know it all! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow on Instagram and Twitter.


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